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The Levy Trust is a funding body acting in the interests of forest growers. It is not a body that speaks on behalf of forest growers on issues of the day or industry positions. This role is performed by the FOA, FFA and the Wood Council of NZ. Media releases will generally be confined to informing levy payers or potential levy payers of important developments relating to the levy.

Safetree puts workers safety first

Published Forestry Bulletin – 8 December 2014

Safetree, a new industry-led safety initiative co-funded by the Forest Owners Assocaition (FOA) and ACC is due to launch in early 2015.

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Breaking the Profit Barrier

Published Forestry Bulletin – 24 June 2014

You Planted Your Trees 15 Years Ago. Now you are Locked In, With Nothing You can do to Increase Productivity or Profitability.

Right? Wrong.

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R&D has a new face

Published Forestry Bulletin – 24 June 2014

The Introduction of a commodity levy means the way the forest growing industry funds research has changed.

This has coincided with changes to the way research is managed.

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Forest Bug-Watch Revamp

Published Forestry Bulletin – 24 June 2014

The forest health surveillance (FHS) programme is being completely redesigned, with the new scheme expected to go live in mid-2016. Since 1 January 2014 the FHS has been wholly funded by the new commodity levy for the benefit of the whole industry. Previously it was funded by a voluntary levy paid by nearly all Forest Owners Association (FOA) members.

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Midterm Report - 2021

Download the 2021 Midterm Report.

How will the new commodity levy help the forest industry grow?

A presentation made by Glen Mackie on behalf of the Trust to the Forest Investment and Market Outlook conference in April 2014



Forest Growers Levy rate to increase for the first time in seven years 

3 December 2020 

Directors of the Forest Growers Levy Trust have raised the rate on Harvested Wood Materials, for the first time since the levy was introduced by a forest grower referendum in 2013. 

The Chair of the Levy Trust, Geoff Thompson, says clear support for the value of the investment, led to the decision to raise the levy from 27 cents a tonne to 33 cents. 

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Forest Growers Levy Trust commits to support industry

29 April 2020

The New Zealand Forest Growers Levy Trust is anticipating borrowing and using reserves to maintain as much of its yearly work programme as possible.

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Scope of work for forest owners grows

14 December 2015

Funds raised by forest growers for research and other industry activities are expected to total $7,620,000 in 2015, about $1 million more than budgeted. At the same time, administrative expenditure has been kept under tight control. 

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Steve Wilton re-elected to Forest Levy board

28 October 2015

Steve Wilton has been re-elected to the Forest Growers Levy Trust board as a representative of growers of small plantation forests.

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Forest grower poll open

5 October 2015

Voting is now open for the person who will represent owners of smaller forests on the Forest Growers Levy Trust Board.

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Members sought for forest levy board

7 September 2015

Nominations are open for members of the Forest Growers Levy Trust board. There are vacancies for two members representing owners of large forests and one representing owners of smaller forests.

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Levy will benefit all forest growers

19 November 2013

The Trust set up to collect funds for activities that will benefit all forest owners is delighted to have received government approval for a levy on forest products from January 1

"We may be the engine of the country's third biggest export industry, but forestry has a huge untapped potential to extract greater value and to build on the eco-system benefits we already provide. The levy per tonne is only small, but when it is multiplied across the millions of logs our growers produce each year, we will be able to fund work that directly benefits all growers and indirectly, all New Zealanders," says Forest Growers Levy Trust chair Geoff Thompson.

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Forest Levy takes important step

16 July 2013

An application for the introduction of a levy on harvested logs has been lodged with Associate Minister for Primary Industries Hon Jo Goodhew.

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