Joint submission with FOA and FFA on Climate Change Commission - 2021 Draft Advice for Consultation submitted on 26 March 2021.  See submission here.

Forest Growers Levy rate to increase for the first time in seven years.  See full article here.

FGLT Meeting dates 2021

Wednesday 31 March
Tuesday 1 June (and AGM)
Tuesday 24 August 
Thursday 2 December

2021 Work Programme

The FGLT Board has approved the 2021 Work Programme of $8.48M based on budgeted levy collection of $9.2M. Under the current market situation, this budget may be revised. Further updates will be posted here.

What the levy is used for

The levy is used to fund activities defined in the 2019 Levy Order.  The levy is based on 33 cents a tonne of harvested wood for the year to 31 December 2021.  The rate was increased to 33c in 2021 after 6 years at 27c and is the maximum that can apply in the period to the end of 2025.
The purpose of the FGLT is largely to help advance the New Zealand plantation forestry industry both domestically and internationally.
The Forest Growers Levy Trust (FGLT) is a statutorily endorsed forest industry organisation and was established on 4 March 2013 to manage the proceeds of the newly introduced levy on plantation timber products coming from the forest.

It is the responsibility of the FGLT to ensure that the money collected under the levy is appropriately invested in areas of research, development and promotion that will further advance NZ forestry here and overseas.

It is the belief of the Forest Growers Levy Trust that working together will make the forestry industry in New Zealand a more profitable, sustainable and safe environment in which to work.


The Trust was not formally established until the Levy Order was issued in 2013. It was preceded by the work of the Establishment Board orior to this time. Information on the development of the levy and its implemention, including the work of the Establishment Board during 2013, is available here.
The first Levy Order expired in November 2019, and after an industry referendum and consultation, a new Levy Order was established for a further six year period.
Levy Statistics Data

The current levy rate is 33c per tonne for the 2021 year.

The levy can be set between 24 cents and 33 cents per tonne. The levy rate had remained stable at 27 cents since the implementation of the first Levy Order in 2013, until 31 December 2020.

Each year the Work Programme will be reviewed and a budget for the next year approved. The levy struck for that period may be more or less than the previous year’s levy, but it may not exceed the maximum levy amount of 33c per tonne.

For a levy analysis statistical summary visit Levy Analysis Summary