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Q & As from initial referendum and election website(2013)  on eligibility, board nominations, voting definitions etc has been archived and can be viewed here.

FAQs - Levy Questions

Yes the levy is payable on logs custom cut by the forest owner.

The levy is compulsory for all harvested wood products as specified in the Commodity Levies (Harvested Wood Material) Order 2013. Penalties are outlined in section 24 of the Commodity Levies Act. A person may be liable to a fine not exceeding $10,000.

The year one levy of 27c has been calculated based upon the spending programme below.

Communications 55,000
 Health, safety and education  540,000
 Market access and development  10,000
 Promotion 410,000
Woodco and SAP 115,000
Resource Mgt / Licence to operate 115,000
Forest Health Surveillance 835,000
Programme indirect costs 800,000
Levy and referendum costs 670,000
Research programme 3,000,000
Total 6,550,000

Calculation of Levy
The levy is a function of the forecast budget and the forecast harvest of leviable products. For year one of the levy a tonnage of 25 million tonnes of leviable products has been forecast. The budget has been calculated on the assumption that 98% of leviable products will be successfully levied and the funds collected.

$6.55m / (25X0.98) million tonnes = 0.27c

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