Genetic approaches – Finding the plus gene(s)


There are many technologies that can be used to deliver improved planting stock, most of them based around finding and deploying the best genetic material.


The process outlined below can be used to select for genes for growth, wood quality, disease resistance and other traits.

  • The end point is to deliver, in this case, disease resistant planting stock to either seed orchards or clonal material.
  • The traditional approach is for single trait selection – a slow method involving field testing or trial surveys.
  • Molecular technologies, including metabolomics, SNP markers, and genomic selection can greatly speed the process of selecting for multiple traits, Genomic selection will also shorten the time for production of planting stock
  • The genetic engineering (GE) approach can involve single or multiple gene transfer - both within and across species.
  • All approaches require field testing, and in the case of GE, the application of somatic embryogenesis technology to achieve transformation and delivery.


The benefits of the different pathways are outlined.


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