Health Safety and Training

Committee Chair:Warwick Foran, MPI Crown Forestry

Objective: To initiate, facilitate and implement health and safety and trianing initiatives to improve the health and safety performance throughout the plantation forest industry.


Management and implementation of the Forestry Sector Action Plan and implementation of the recommendations of the Independent Health and Safety Review.

Work Programme Detail

  • Online Incident Reporting Information System (IRIS)

Voluntary system currently used by 28 forest owners to record accidents and near-misses allowing them to benchmark themselves against industry averages or selected peer-companies.
System maintenance requirements

  • Career Promotion in Forestry

Work with Competenz and FOA initiatives to promote forestry as a career option. The main forest industry training institutions are struggling to maintain numbers due to recent poor industry press. In addition to working with Competenz, this provision covers options to support both the School of Forestry and Waiariki Polytechnic.

Video profile material, some in conjunction with MPIs Primary Industry Champions, are available on the FOA website.

  • Drug and Alcohol Policy

Update to reflect recent case law and review of standard AS 4760 oral fluid testing. FOA funding industry input to standard review to facilitate progress and ensure fit for industry purpose.

  • Forest Sector Action Plan

$400,000 programme utilising ACC funding. Programme is to take initiatives nationwide including operations on non-FOA member forests. Project management for harm reduction programme covering:

    1. Breaking Out certification
    2. Tree Falling certification
    3. Case Studies
    4. Small business resources
    5. Tailgate resources
    6. Capability workshops
    7. Safety Culture
    8. Coronial resources
  • ACOP

Industry representation on MBIE review of ACOP to reflect increased emphasis on principal and contractor responsibilities and input to new section on standards applying to suspended machinery

  • Independent Task Force Review and follow-up

To address health and safety issues within the wider forest industry FOA has worked with affected parties such as FFA, FICA, MBIE, ACC and the CTU to scope up and implement an independent task force looking to identify causal factors behind the fatality and injury rate. This provision anticipates follow-up work as a result of recommendations that require action to implement or support the review such as resource creation, human factor liaison with Scion and fatigue research by Waikato University/Scion.

  • Safetree- a one stop shop for NZ's forest industryto find the safety information they need to do their jobs without injury
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